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In the frontier area of the Prefecture of Thesprotia, A view of the Monasteryeight kilometres north-east of Filiates, near the Greek - Albanian border, the Holy Monastery of Giromeri is situated, built at an altitude of three hundred metres, on the west slopes of the rocky mountain range of Farmakovouni.

As far as the name of the Monastery is concerned, there have been many opinions and its name has changed many times up to now. We encounter the following variations:

Ieromeriou, from the words "iero"(holy) and "meros"(place)
Gyromeriou, from the words "gyro" (around) and "meros" (place)
Geromeriou, from the words "gero" (solid) or "iero" (holy) again and "meros" (place)
Giromeriou or Giromiriou, from the words "gireo" (old) and "meros" (place).

For many years and to our days the name of the Iera Moni Giromeriou has prevailed.