Today, the Monastery belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Paramythia, Filiates and Giromeri and is run according to the regulations of the monastic way of a convent as far as both the monks' life and their rituals are concerned. Four monks lead their lives there and they receive guests - pilgrims daily from dawn to sunset. It is 8 kilometres from Filiates, 23 from Igoumenitsa and 75 from Ioannina.

You can find a map of the area here.

Other sites

Not far from the Monastery one can also visit interesting monuments and remarkable places such as: The meteor of Agios Minasthe traditional villages of the area of Giromeri, Finiki, Faneromeni, Sideri and Plesio; the picturesque beach of Sagiada; the folklore museums of Finiki and Tsamantas; the villages of the legendary Mt. Mourgana with the wild natural beauty and the historical Monastery of Agios Georgios (St. George) Kamitsianis and the famous Meteor of Epirus with the land belonging to the religious institution of Agios Minas at Kokkinolithari.